Ahmad Elkamel

Trainer’s Biography

  • Certified Master Trainer for Train-The-Trainer Programs
  • Conducted more than 100 TTT Programs across the MENA Region
  • Internationally Certified Trainer
  • Human Recourses Development Expert
  • HRD consultant for many Business corporates and companies
  • International Speaker in many HRD/HRD conferences
  • Communication and Body Language Expert
  • Certified HR Coach
  • University Professor at Assiut University

Daily Work Skills

Fish Nutrition

Fish Biology & Pathology

Aquaculture & Water Quality

Major Training & HRD Skills

  • Training Techniques & Methods 97% 97%
  • The Training Process from A-Z 98% 98%
  • Strategic Corporate Education 95% 95%
  • Transfer of Training 98% 98%
  • HRD Consultancy 95% 95%
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Trainer’s Rating

4.9/58 ratings
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