The Board Congratulates University of Hail’s Rector, Prof. Khalil bin Ibrahim

The Board Congratulates University of Hail’s Rector, Prof. Khalil bin Ibrahim

The Board Congratulates University of Hail’s Rector, Prof. Khalil bin Ibrahim

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Early this year, the IBCT Board has approved the certification of Skills Development Department (Men Section) of the Deanship of Quality Development at the University of Hail, Saudi Arabia. The Skills Development Department of Hail University (SDD-HU) has been graded by 3 stars. On this occasion, the Board, during its last meeting (August 2015), decided to congratulate Prof. Khalil bin Ibrahim, the University of Hail Rector. Professor Khalil did a great job in selecting the top management of the Deanship of Quality and Development, Dr. Zaid bin Mehalhe.

Prof. Khalil bin Ibrahim


DQD Team together with the IBCT Audit Team

Dr. Zaid bin Mehalhel

Dr. Zaid and his team have exerted great efforts to prepare the SDD of a fairly recent deanship for IBCT certification.! Thus the SDD-HU has been internationally certified at once! The IT facility of the SDD is really distinguished! It received many acknowledgments and got nationally rewarded.

One reason behind this right-now certification was the exceptional responsiveness of the SDD-HU team to the IBCT Audit team comments. We like to acknowledge them here for their excellent job, Dr. Haytham Mohamed Abdel Mageed, Dr. Emad Ahmed Shalaby, and Dr. Ramy Romeilah.

The SDD has been granted an upgrade option for the fourth star. The team there is so motivated to claim the fourth star. Therefore, they developed an ambitious plan to achieve the 4th-star requirement very soon.  Meanwhile, the deanship is planning to certify the women section of the SDD as well.

IBCT wishes all the best for the Skills Development Department of the Deanship of Quality and Development at Hail University, KSA.

We are pleased to publish the above video about the audit visit impression and atmosphere.

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