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We present here few samples of participants feedback

We have had an astonishing journey of preparing, qualifying and certifying trainers since our inception in 2006 in the Middle East and have received loads of awesome testimonials, feedback, ideas, stories and some honest critic as well. Here’s a modest collection of testimonials we’ve received.

An excellent board follows high standards for training & makes a difference in HRD domain .. really I like and appreciate IBCT Afaf A. Atia

Ass. Professor

It is really very excellent please try it. Go ahead and join it right now. Haitham Zaki


The mean of the professional training. It is the first time I practice to gain knowledge, skills that change my attitude towards different concepts. all my best greetings to Prof. Ahmed Metwally and Prof. Ahmad Elkamel

Sabreen Jalil


No words can express my feelings towards this amazing & inspiring training. It enabled me to understand hidden aspects of myself & to respect differences between other people & to deal with them in a correct way. It was a perfectly structured program that enrich my experience. I hope that everyone can join this motivating training.

Rania Elzayat


I would like express my deep gratitude to IBCT for giving me this great and wonderful experience, I spent pleasant moments that i will never forget in the CPT training course. it was so inspiring and so helpful aid to discover ourselves and the world around us, this enriched our minds and life with great meanings. the high standards of training by IBCT made us very proud to be a part of this. Also, I want to acknowledge the efforts of trainers who were well qualified, professional, so inspiring and actually made difference in my life, thank you.

Amany Ammar


I am sure now the difference between traditional workshops that i previously did (Opps Training program ) and that i already learn with IBCT Dr Ahmed Metwaly and Dr Ahmed Alkamal is like the difference between Easter countries and western countries Bassem El Deek


Through my AT training course I felt that every moment was worth it ! Amazing professional trainers. Prof. Ahmed Metwally was exceptional, awesome and extremely impressive. Dr. Nermein Attia was motivational and sincere to everyone. Dr. Merihan was of great experience. The course was intensive but very worthwhile. It altered my perception positively. I’m entirely Grateful !!!!!

Nashwa Solieman


Excellent board and excellent work .. I realy appreciate your efforts Wafaa Elias


It was a great enjoyable learning experience to me….highly professional and fulfilling all my standards ..Although so exhausting …CPT025 will always be a very nice and unforgettable memory to me.

Rania Azmy


I would like to express my deep thanks to Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Nermin for their continuous efforts in CPT 25 and l feel a great difference in my attitude and thinking about training and I hope to continue. Again, many thanks for IBCT that provide everything to improve training and in my mind the word of DR. AHMED One can change if he needs that. My wishes for All in IBCT for continuous success.

Faried Wagdy


Creatively motivating and inspiring programme; accurately structured and designed; and professionally implemented. It helps you discover yourself and reach out others. You are always a winner by joining it. Amira Waly


TOT with Dr. Ahmed Metwally & Dr. Ahmad Elkamel within the IBCT was a very enriching experience. It’s a rare combination to get; enthusiastic highly trained trainers, well designed program, clear handouts, and a safe environment for training. It is one of the best trainings I have ever attended. Everything was outstanding; the sessions, materials, and the participants. Thank you for sharing all of your expertise to us. I hopefully will be able to implement it further into the field.

Lamees Elgafi


I made a thought before begin of training in AT program , but what i gained after completion was too broad to be predicted , congratulations for me to explore my new Ahmed Rifaat Ahmed Rifaat


Really, there is nothing to say after all friends said. There are no words in the world express my great thanks to our professional trainers Pro. Ahmed and Pro. Nermien to their effort. Many thanks to IBCT to it excellent program (AT, CPT). Finally, my great wishes to all for good luck in their life.

Ahmed Elmahalawy


The right way to develop your skills, personality and your potential. I advise everyone to participate in programs provided by IBCT.

Hassan El-Demerdash


I have no enough words to express my great experience at IBCT training in its two first levels. Actually, a perfect training which help me to discover my hidden abilities as a trainer on a strong scientific basis and by more than excellent trainers. I enjoyed that so much and recommend this great TOT training to all who have an idea to express and talent to discover. Let’s say I really enjoyed every minute. I have now the ability to train, to connect others in an enjoyable easy manner which really made training easy.

Aml Salama


The training CPT program was very informative, very well presented, inspiring plus enjoyable. There were many topics covered during the training which touch the deepest part of our spirit, personality and intuition. A lot of conflicts in mind and spirit had been solved, an explanation of many issues had been cleared. The trainers did an outstanding professional job of sharing their expertise with us. Their enthusiasm and positive spirit create an atmosphere full of respect, humour and productivity. I came away so confident and aware of myself, ready to face any difficult situation with courage and bravery. I have started to use some of the strategies, tools and skills with my trainees and indeed they worked remarkably well. Finally, we feel so grateful and devoted to be part of a fabulous organisation like IBCT.

Iman Ahmedy


I think IBCT training is a real drive of development and change in higher education’s institutes. I have observed that all associate trainers trained by IBCT in our Faculty made a tremendous change. Their competencies noticeably increased. I and my AT colleagues turned to be more enthusiastic, skilled and professional. IBCT standards and professionalism is contagious. Being trained by very professional trainer is one of the most enjoyable experience any one could have.

Suzy Fayez


Since I graduated from faculty of Medicine in 2002, I didn’t stop searching for new challenges, limitless horizons and endless excitement. After 13 years, my rocket lands on IBCT planet. People on this shiny planet, are professional, enthusiastic and helpful. They are called “certified international trainers”. They give me a hand to discover myself, catch my dreams, and see my future clearly. IBCT gives you battery with self-renewal capacity, to be excellent and effective in each step in your coming life. Thank you IBCT.

Marwa Serag El-Dien


This CPT program gave me very rich experience that added new knowledge, skills and changed certain attitudes. I recognize my weak point as a trainer. I found that as a trainer I am a facilitating, presenting and couching but the less of them is guiding so I will concentrate more on tasks and procedures.
The best roles I usually play are mentor, facilitator, producer and inventor the least is coordinator. I formed a positive new attitude towards the ground rules by mere exposure and I will use the operant observation to form new attitudes for my trainee because I don’t have time for mere exposure.
I have changed my attitude through a central route concerning the efficiency of male trainers as I believed that trainer job fits female better than male but in this program I found out that male trainer can be as excellent as females. I will use both central route and peripheral route in changing the altitudes of my trainee.
I found out that I am an abstract sequential personality and that’s why I hate limited time for doing any thing and why I hate restrictions and details but yet I have to be more patient with the concrete persons and understand their detailed questions. I am also a common sense person(doing and thinking) I should use more imagination.
I will work on the internal positive motives of my trainee through challenge and fancy. Now I understand the group dynamic and I will be ready to deal with every stage particularly the stages of conflict and I will try to minimize the group thinking.
Finally I realized that I am a very unconsciousness person and I should do something to increase my concentration and strengthen my memory. The CPT Program actually shed light on many mysterious areas of my behavior and the others behavior. Moreover it gives me clues to control the situation and choose the right person to the right job. Thanks to the professional trainers
Engy el Kilany


Dear Colleagues who took the TOT training through IBCT: please, stick to the IBCT standards. Now to the details. I am in a certain place these days taking an advanced workshop on how to train teachers on how to teach bioethics. So the workshop is mainly a TOT workshop.
As happened in IBCT training, each one of us (the trainees) was given a topic and asked to give a micro training session in 10 minutes. My topic was yesterday about “introducing new drugs”. I stuck to the tools we took in IBCT training.
First I gave them the title and asked them how introducing a new drug can lead to an ethical dilemma. A good lady said that the new drug may have not been tested for safety.Another said that it should have been tried first, and so on. I distributed a case, gave two minutes for reading, asked someone to summarize it.
The dilemma in the case was that though the drug was tested and badly needed, as there was an epidemic that killed tens of people daily, though the producing factory agreed to distribute it free for 5 years, the government declined to have it widely distributed claiming that its potential future hazards are not known before.
After reading the case, I led the discussion in a way so as to find who sides with the strict use of the drug and who sides with the wide availability and who are hesitant. I asked the people who side with the first opinion (group a) to sit facing the other group (called b) and made the three hesitant people (the jury).
I decided to use the debating tool. For shortage of time, I asked each group to prepare ONLY two strong arguments why they think what they think. I explained the procedure: group A will give an argument that B has to refute, and vice versa. Then the same with argument 2, and the jury in the end have to decide who gave the strongest arguments.
I cannot describe to you how lively the session was, how everyone wanted to give a saying, how some colleagues even wanted to add a third argument. I explained to them that we have to stick to the time. The feedback by the trainers of the workshop was that they were fascinated by what I gave,
my actions, my use of body language, (I am using their own words, I am not judging my performance). The trainees were very happy with the session. The trainer told me that if he knew I would give it in such an enjoyable way, he would not have given me only 10 minutes, but would give me more because he was so happy with my performance.
I told them this is not my creation, these are the IBCT standards and way of training. One of my colleagues told me on my way home: “Bahaa, you made it very difficult for all of us who did not give their sessions to present. What better than we give?” I was about to answer: Go and ask IBCT.
Dear Colleagues: please, stick to the IBCT standards. They are magical in the outcome.
Bahaa Darwish


International Board of Certified Trainers

Certificarion of Trainers, Training Centers and Training Packages. IBCT certifies trainers at 3 levels via a multi-level Train-The-Trainer program that designed per the state-of-the-industry standards.

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