Shereen Abdelghaffar

Paradigm of Future Talent Development Professionals : Training at the Speed of Change

This talk will shed the light on the competencies needed for future academic trainers and Talent development professionals in Higher Education Organizations to keep pace with the challenging increasing speed of evolution in knowledge and the continuously changing demands of the workplace. Competencies that will be discussed will include those needed for providing learners with information and research that keeps pace with rapid change in virtually every field of endeavor, as well as those for providing ways for learners to learn through collaborative interaction with mentors and peers and also those important for providing organizations with ways to rapidly develop and deploy new information and training modules.


Who is the speaker?

Prof. Dr. Shereen Abdelghaffar

Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

  • General Manager of National Training Institute, MOH
  • Internationally Certified Trainer and HRD Consultant
  • Master of Medical Education, Maastricht
  • Human Resource Management, AUC
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