Sandor Lemstra

The Biggest Challenge of the Future: How to Hire Right the First Time!

Sandor will share his practical insights, right out of the market, on how people differ and how you can find the best fit for the job.

Market is changing fast, many ‘baby boomers’ are retiring soon, the number of available jobs is decreasing and robots are taking over! Then, how do you retain the best people? How do you compose effective teams with the right mindset, talents and behavior? Sandor’s session will give you a couple of leads to stay secure in the future. His session will be highly interactive, entertaining and insightful. You will be able to apply his findings right away!


Who is the Speaker?

President of DISC Factor Benelux.

  • He is a behavior expert, shows how you can get the most out of yourself, teams and fellow workers.
  • A Brain Coach
  • Didactical Freak.
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