What's in it for me, As an educational institute/training center?

The value of certifying your training materials

International distinction and recognition of the program quality through a

  • Right to use the IBCT hallmark
  • Official Certificate
  • Promoted via global website
  • International accreditation

Intensive quality checks on:

  • Sutability and relevance of package training objectives.
  • Usage of appropriate training activities.
  • Program evaluation methods & tools.
  • Availability of trainer’s manual.
  • Adequacy of supportive multimedia.

Our certification process is a guarantee to:

  • Attract more (international) students and/or clients.
  • Opportunity to maintain and increase the quality of a training program
  • Focus on fact-finding & learning
  • Give you honest and objective feedback
  • Secure a good level of involvement of the staff, management and trainers.

Story of Professor Dave Smith, Director of the HRD Center

Certification Standards

The IBCT criteria for certifying the training materials comprise the following points with corresponding score weight
  • Quantity 10%
  • Structure and organization 25%
  • Presentation and illustration 20%
  • Program objectives 25%
  • Authorship and documentation 10%
  • Material production style 10%

What are the benefits of certifying training materials?

Certifying the training materials assures its quality regarding the following points

The appropriate balance between the theory and application.

Adequacy of training activities

Suitability of the selected training methods

Covering the training objectives

Efficient use of multimedia

Applying the adult learning principals

Selecting the most appropriate evaluation methods

Authorship and copyrights

Appearance and printing quality

Stabilizing the quality of program delivery over successive runs

How to Apply?

Please send us an email

To info@ibct-mena.com with an official letter asking for certification

International Board of Certified Trainers

Certificarion of Trainers, Training Centers and Training Packages. IBCT certifies trainers at 3 levels via a multi-level Train-The-Trainer program that designed per the state-of-the-industry standards.

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