Certification of Training Centers

The Board develops and promotes state-of-the-art standards for training centers certification. Being an IBCT internationally certified center implies that such a center mainly possess:



A safe, accessible and hygienic learning environment


An infrastructure that meets the needs of the market


Professional training aids and equipment


A professional organizational structure that serves the center’s mission


A practical training transfer philosophy


An effective quality management system based on the PDCA cycle and utilizing a M.I.S.


An Evaluation system for all training programs according to Kirkpatrick model


Standardized Training materials/packages designed based on real TNA


A policy for trainers’ professional development


A policy to assure the application of adult learning principles

We Certify Centers with Different Grads

Starting with 1 star up to 5 stars; check the standards!

Benefits and Advantages

What’s in it for training centers/educational institutes?

International distinction and recognition via:



  • Right to use the IBCT hallmark for certified centers
  • An Official Certificate
  • Promoting certified centers on our global websites
  • International accreditation & recognition

Broad quality checks on:



  • Space, safety, accessibility & hygiene.
  • Educational vision & policies.
  • Administration & quality system.
  • Training equipment & Aids.
  • Organizational structure and M.I.S.
  • Educational polices and methodologies

Our certification process is a grantee to:



  • Attract more (international) trainees and/or clients.
  • Maintain and increase the quality of the offered services .
  •  Focus on fact-finding & learning
  • Provide the top-management with honest and objective feedback
  • Secure a good level of involvement of the staff, management and trainers.

Certification Standards

Training centers that will seek certification, will be audited versus a comperehansive checklist that including the following main 5 criteria divided into 40 sub-criteria

Training aids & equipment

Organizational structure


Training plan and methodology


Management Information System

Why should training centers get certified?

Acknowledgement of quality

Monitor progress

The hallmark attracts (foreign) trainees

External quality garantee / intl. standards

Basic level of trainee expectations

Atmosphere for safe learning environment

Management-tool for improvement

How to Apply?

steps to Apply

International Board of Certified Trainers

Certificarion of Trainers, Training Centers and Training Packages. IBCT certifies trainers at 3 levels via a multi-level Train-The-Trainer program that designed per the state-of-the-industry standards.

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