About IBCT

About IBCT


The International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT) was originally founded in 1988 as a professional association in the United States. Currently it’s a global foundation acting under the European law.  IBCT’s mission is to improve the training profession and the public’s perception of it.  It has regional headquarters spread over several regions, i.e., the United States, Middle East & Africa (MENA), Australia and Europe. IBCT is an independent certification authority that certifies trainers & HRD professionals, train-the-trainer (TTT/TOT) programs, training centers & facilities and training packages and/or materials.

We are a not-for-profit foundation so we can offer an independent certification that is not influenced by any commercial interests.
IBCT MENA is the Middle East & North Africa Headquarters of the IBCT. We conduct several activities related to HRD. Mainly, we internationally certify trainers (via a world-class multi-level TOT program); internationally certify training centers and materials/packages.
The IBCT MENA vision is to become a leading center of excellence and a key benchmark in the field of human resources development across the MENA area.
To promote the HRD professional concepts and practices, particularly training, secure the international standards in training and HRD practices and provide highly qualified human resources, trainers & HRD and talent professionals; who are able to achieve the sustainable development in Egypt and the MENA area.
The main goal of the IBCT is to assure the public that our Certified Trainers and HRD professionals possess the ethical standards and the professional competences and are qualified to practice.
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Our Main Certification Services

We Certify the Major Training Elements that impact training result,
i.e., Trainers, Training Package & Training Centers

Certifying Training Centers

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Certifying Trainers

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Certifying Training Packages

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We certify trainers at 3 levels

Via a World-Class Multi-Level TOT/TTT Program

Associate Trainer Program

Six intensive Training Sessions:

  1. Training & Development: A closer Look
  2. Managing Training Environment
  3.  Basic Instructional Design & Didactic Methods
  4.  Training as a Career
  5.  Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
  6.   Presentation Skills for Trainers

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  • Didactic Skills 85%
  • Adult Education 20%
  • Program Design & Development 15%
  • Attitude Formation & Change Strategies 10%
  • Strategic HRD 5%

Professional Trainer Program

Ten intensive Training Sessions:

  1. Training Styles
  2.  Professional Trainer’s Roles
  3.  Attitude Formation (Advanced)
  4.  Attitude Change (Advanced)
  5.  Personality’s Styles for Trainers
  6.  Motivation for Trainers
  7.  Group Dynamics for Trainers
  8.  Training Evaluation
  9.  Advanced Learning Styles
  10. Advanced Adult Learning

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  • Didactic Skills 95%
  • Adult Education 70%
  • Program Design & Development 65%
  • Attitude Formation & Change Strategies 85%
  • Strategic HRD 25%

Certified Trainer Program

Content of the program (Title of the training sessions):

  1.  Project management: transferring learning to organizational results.
  2.  Organizations & corporate training programs, an introduction.
  3.  Adult learning within organizations.
  4. Company scans & training needs assessment.
  5. Program development.
  6. Transfer of training & (on-the-job) coaching.
  7. Evaluation and impact assessment.
  8. Examination session: presenting of the improvement plan (project plan).

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  • Didactic Skills 100%
  • Adult Education 100%
  • Program Design & Development 100%
  • Attitude Formation & Change Strategies 100%
  • Strategic HRD 95%

We are proud of our Certified Trainers

Numbers are increasing exponentially in the MENA region

Associate Trainers

Certified Professional Trainers

Internationally Certified Trainers

Many Free Educational Resources

Visit our blog to enjoy free Train-The-Trainer videos, infographics and articles Visit Our Blog

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IBCT tips om how to deal with fear and anxiety.

How Trainers Deal with Fear and Anxiety

The average person ranks the fear of delivery of training higher than the fear of death. The truth is, this fear could be hurting your professional and personal life as well. You may have been there...
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International Board of Certified Trainers

Certificarion of Trainers, Training Centers and Training Packages. IBCT certifies trainers at 3 levels via a multi-level Train-The-Trainer program that designed per the state-of-the-industry standards.

© 1988 IBCT, all rights received.

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